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Melissa Grenfell

Communications Officer, Edinburgh Head Office

  • Email: Enquiries@kindred-scotland.org
  • Phone: 0800 031 5793
  • Melissa works Monday to Thursday

I’ve been with Kindred since 2011.

My role within the organisation is incredibly varied: one day I can literally be left holding the baby whilst a parent meets with an Advocacy worker, and the next I can be doing finances or pulling together information developing new project ideas, helping out with some overspill parent enquiry calls, designing the next newsletter and updating our Facebook page in between. Like every member of the team we do what we can to support families although the main part of my post is dedicated to getting information out to parents and carers, professionals and funders.

My varied work background, from being a support worker to production of independent film, has prepared me for the variation within Kindred: no two days are the same, and each day offers opportunities to learn something new. The one constant is the fulfilment that comes from knowing that Kindred and my amazing colleagues, DO make a difference! In addition to being reminded of the reality and hardships they face on a daily basis, hearing from families about the difference we’ve made, and about the often unexpectedly positive things that are going on in their and their children’s lives, makes me value my work at Kindred even more.