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Early Positive Approaches to Support (E-PAtS)

If your child has additional developmental needs (diagnosis not necessary) and is at least 18 months old but not yet 6, you might like to take part in the E-PAtS Research Study.

What is E-PAtS?

E-PAtS is an 8-session group programme for families that is designed and run by families and professionals working together.

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Find out more about the programme in this short video:

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We want to find out if E-PAtS helps parents and carers of children with additional developmental needs.

This is a randomised study, which means families will be selected by chance (like tossing a coin) to either attend an E-PAtS group now or in 12 months’ time.

Parents can receive up to £60 worth of vouchers for completing questionnaires.

For more information or to register your interest, please contact Mhari McLeod at Mhari.McLeod@kindred-scotland.org.