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Your donation will make a difference

A one-off gift will support Kindred’s work now, while a regular donation will also help us to plan and develop new services for families.  Remember that if you are a PAYE tax payer,  ticking the Gift Aid box means the taxman adds 25% to your donation, at no cost to you!
Click the 'Donate' button above to see examples of what your donation could mean to families.

Other ways to donate

You might like to find other ways to donate, like a birthday fundraiser or ask the guests at your wedding to donate the money they were going to buy you a present with.

Steven and Meg did just this when they got married and Kindred are so grateful for their generosity on their big day.

a young couple getting married with people throwing petals to celebrate

We wanted to fundraise for Kindred as the work they do is fundamental in supporting families with a child with complex needs.  We knew that the money we raised would make a very real and tangible difference, including much needed practical and emotional support.

- Steven and Meg

Thank you for supporting Kindred