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Advice and information

Accessing grants

Details of different funds and grant-giving trusts/charities that you can approach if needed, and some handy hints on applying.

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There are many different sources of financial support available to children with disabilities. Kindred may be able to support parents to apply for some of these benefits.

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Child and adolescent mental health services

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) assess and treat children and young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties. Find out more, including how you can ask for a referral if concerned about your child.

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Children with additional needs may need extra support in school, or you may feel that your child needs to attend a different school provision such as a language unit, another mainstream school or a special school. Depending on where you live, Kindred may be able to assist you with finding the right provision for your child.

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Parents may have concerns about their child’s physical or mental health. We have some suggestions about how a parent can seek help.

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As a parent or carer of a child with a disability you may need to consider adaptation to your home, or even moving to more suitable housing.

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Jargon buster

Translating technical terms around your child’s health, education, benefits and rights into simple language.

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Self-Directed Support

Self-directed Support means having choice and control over your or your child’s support, and getting the right help to meet your needs and outcomes. It is not an automatic entitlement to a financial benefit as such but more of an approach to how care can be provided in the way that best meets your child’s needs.

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Social work

If your child has a disability or long-term health condition then you are likely to require additional help with family life. The Social Work department of your local authority has a duty to assess the needs of your child.

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