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Thank you for making a difference by choosing to support Kindred.

Why fundraise for us

Your donation will help Kindred support over 800 families of children with complex health care needs every year. We believe that all children with complex needs in Scotland should live within happy and healthy family homes.

By donating to Kindred, you will:

Support parents to feel less isolated.
Enable parents and carers to be able to make their child’s voice better heard.
Enable parents and carers to get the right support at the earliest possible opportunity.

With your support, we can give Kindred families the best chance to have a better quality of life.

Play Video

Please share our film with your friends, colleagues, and family. We are always looking for donations to support our vital work. That's why we’d love you to fundraise for us.

“Kindred Scotland have been helpful for our close family in supporting them and young Elliot who requires so much support so we will raise funds that will help families like Elliot's to make life that bit easier.”

- Hazel Kinghorn

Read more about our Kindred Fundraising Stars here.

Why choose Kindred

Every year, Kindred sees increasing numbers of families with very complex needs contacting our services.

Kindreds work at Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Children and Young People sees many families from across Scotland using our Hospital service as their child is cared for by the specialist teams, sometimes for many  months.

With an NHS and social care system under increasing resource pressure, Kindred steps in to support families with practical, emotional, and financial advice and support from peer advocates who understand from personal experience the journey these parents are on.

Our wider teams in Edinburgh, Fife, and Community, offer parents a listening ear, access to welfare information, educational advocacy, parenting groups and counselling.

Help continue Kindreds work

How we raise money

All our money is raised from the generosity of wonderful people, companies, trusts and foundations, who choose to support us.

Set up a fundraising page

Set yourself up with a fundraising page – we are listed on

If you would like to use a different fundraising platform please just let us know.

Fundraising Ideas

If you would like to raise funds for Kindred but still unsure what events to plan or do, we’ve put together a list of 30 ideas that will help either boost funds to your existing fundraiser or provide you with new ideas!

Top tips

  • Remember to include as much information on your fundraising page as possible le, including the reason for taking on your Kindred challenge so that people can really get behind you on your fundraiser.
  • Share your page far and wide, on social media more than once!
  • You might add your link to your email footers.

However you choose to get the word out, encourage as much sharing as possible among friends and be creative and enjoy it!

Setting and Reaching your target

Setting a target is an important way to engage people with your event or fundraiser.

Did you know that...

Fundraising pages with targets have been proven to raise even more than those without a target.

Find a family or friend that is willing to make a generous donation to kick start your fundraising, this often helps others be more generous or sometimes even match the first donation.

If in doubt, aim high! If you would like further advice on setting a target, get in touch.

Call Kindred on 0800 031 5793 or our fundraiser, Hazel Cornish on 07742419710

Email: fundraising@kindred-scotland.org

Thank you to our Kindred Stars.