E-PAtS and positive support for Kindred families

Kindred, along with NHS Lothian and Tizard, University of Kent , has recently started to offer Early Positive Approaches to Support (E-PAtS) online group courses to families.

The new programme has been developed for parent/carers of a child aged 0 to 5 years with learning disability, global developmental delay or autism.   We'll bring you more news about the referral process and availability of our next course for parents. In the meantime you can find out more general information in the linked leaflet.  In the first instance please email us directly at Kindred with any queries.

Here's what Kindred dad Abhishek told us after he attended our recent E-PAtS courses:

Living with a child that has complex medical needs, means life can break you physically and mentally, as you encounter so many challenges to  best support your child. I am so grateful to Kindred, who have been with us as a family ever since our daughter was diagnosed with an extremely rare neurological condition, and my daughter’s CAMHS psychologist for offering me the E-PAtS course. It’s taught me possible ways to overcome barriers and to improve our understanding of our child’s needs and condition. It’s been a great help to us as a family. What we have learnt in the course in our everyday life is amazing.

Sophie Pilgrim, Kindred Director, has written a blog piece for the Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities, about her experience facilitating E-PAtS.  She notes the transferrable skills the course has given her as a professional, and also gives her insight as a parent to a now adult son with autism and intellectual disability, as to how valuable the course would have been when he was an infant.