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Mhari McLeod

Information and Advocacy Worker, Hospital Team

  • Email: Enquiries@kindred-scotland.org
  • Phone: 0800 031 5793
  • Mhari works Monday to Friday

I joined the Kindred team as an Information and Advocacy Worker in June 2017, although my first contact with them was under very different circumstances: Kindred supported me first as a parent many years ago, to help my daughter access education along with other information and resources. Now I feel very privileged to be able to use the experience and knowledge gained at that time and since, to provide information and support for families who also have children with complex needs.

Originally my career was in Human Resources which I loved. However, as my daughter’s needs became more apparent I realised I would need to leave my post and find something with more accommodating hours. Although a painful decision at the time, that led me into Early Years education work which I also enjoyed, and which gave me a base of knowledge that is useful in my new role. Since starting at Kindred I have gained even more knowledge both from staff and families, from whom I’m sure I will be constantly learning every day.

I have a busy family life as a parent of three children. My eldest was born in 2001 with complex needs due to having a Partial Agenises of the Corpus Collosum. She attends a Special Needs school in Edinburgh. My middle child was born in 2011 with Bilateral Talipes. He also has a compromised immune system. My youngest son was born in 2012 with sleep aponia, reflux and food intolerances along with asthma.

In amongst appointments, my children enjoy many sports and we like to get away as often as possible in our caravan, with our dog.