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Veronica Warrington

Information and Advocacy Manager, Hospital Team

  • Email: Enquiries@kindred-scotland.org
  • Phone: 0131 312 0362
  • Veronica works Monday to Thursday

I have worked with Kindred since 2004, mostly based in Edinburgh at our hospital base.

I have four adult children: Rachael, Michael, Stefan and Thomas. I live with my husband James and two cats. My own life path changed when my youngest son Thomas was born 10 weeks premature with a disability. As a young teenager my eldest son Michael was diagnosed with a serious mental health condition and endured periods of time in psychiatric in-patient care.

When Thomas started school I embarked on a full time counselling course and on completion I was very lucky to start working with Kindred (then called SNIP). I have also completed a Diploma in Counselling Children and Young People and other counselling training. I have found this invaluable when supporting families with the many traumatic and life changing situations life often brings.

Kindred is a unique and wonderful organisation to work for with a very supportive and diverse work team, and a great ethos. It is a real honour to be able to do this job and support families and I always learn something new from each one. We aim to offer a supportive and understanding environment that enables carers to work through difficult times.

I also enjoy supporting staff by providing regular supervision, exploring different and creative ways to help nurture and develop the skill set to do this amazing job whilst also looking after ourselves; and in doing so having the resilience and skills to support families who are often dealing with very traumatic and highly emotive situations.