Well done team Artemis!

Fundraising February Challenge

Kindred were delighted to hear that we had been chosen as the Artemis Charitable Foundation’s Charity of the Year (COY) 2024 after being nominated by two employees who had benefitted from our services.

We were delighted to hear that as part of the COY partnership, the team at Artemis would hold a variety of fundraising events throughout the year. The first of these was their February Challenge. This year, over 120 participants took part in various charity challenges including colleagues from Artemis offices in both Edinburgh and London  as well as family members and friends. In total, the team raised an incredible £11,400 for Kindred over the month.

Artemis colleague and Kindred mum Marion said,

Kindred has had a profound effect on both me and my family. Every year they struggle to raise enough money to continue to offer the support to parents which they were able to offer to me. I know that any extra money that we raise would go a long way to ensuring that they could continue to offer all the amazing services to parents in need.

How the fundraiser worked?

Artemis colleagues were asked to choose one challenge to complete during the month of February.

Artemis Challenges completed in February included:

  • Run/walk 100km (total in February)
  • 100 push ups a day
  • 12,000 steps a day
  • Cold dip a day! Brrrrrrr!
  • 1m plank every day
  • Cook a new recipe twice a week
  • Cook at least once a week
  • Cycle 200km (total in February)
  • Do an exercise video/class/workout 4 times a week (you choose the level of intensity)
  • Get off the bus/train/tram one/two stops early every time
  • Give up alcohol
  • Give up caffeine
  • Give up chocolate
  • Give up sugary treats
  • Go pescatarian
  • Learn a new skill or complete a new course (min of 3 hours per week)
  • Read or listen to 2 books (min of 150 pages or 5 hours per audio book)
  • Swim 4 times a week
  • Take the stairs where available
  • Walk 10,000 steps a day


Well done everyone at Artemis!

Kindred’s director Sophie Pilgrim said,

“Thank you so much for your awesome efforts to raise funds for Kindred in February.

As we are a small organisation, your efforts will make a big difference to families. We are planning to allocate some of your contribution to our counselling service. There is no waiting list to see our counsellors, and we provide specialist support to families to help them make their way through difficult times. Your amazing £11,400 will go straight to helping parents.

It has been a real pleasure meeting Artemis staff, thank you for being so welcoming and taking time to get to know Kindred. Coming from a different sector, it is impressive to see your work as a team and I hope you feel zinging after your February challenges!

Wishing you a successful year ahead.


We are all eagerly awaiting the next fundraising venture to be held on Saturday 18th of May, a coastal walk from Longniddry to North Berwick, part of the John Muir Way. The route is about 11 miles (18km) that takes you along the beautiful coastline of East Lothian which will end with a get together in North Berwick.

Artemis colleagues and members of the Kindred team will be taking part and looking forward to completing another successful fundraiser in support of Kindred!