A summer event for Kindred families

We know that for parents of children with complex healthcare needs it can be hard to get out of the house or hospital some days. That means we are truly grateful to all of the families, including grandparents and siblings, that made it along to our special summer event at the Botanic Cottage, in the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.

Thanks so much for having us today. We, including grandad Bob, had a fantastic time and it was lovely to meet all the Kindred Team and the other families that were there.     Gillian, a Kindred mum.


Parents told us how much they enjoyed the day, and how important the chance to connect with other families can be.

I am now in contact with more families which is always lovely and so necessary in our journey.    Juliette, a Kindred mum.


It was also an opportunity for siblings of children with disabilities and longterm conditions to be able to meet and socialise, or just enjoy a bit of quiet time in the shade.



Having been on the other side, receiving support and advice from Kindred, it was a great opportunity to give a little back. I personally had a great time interacting with the families at the botanic gardens and helping out the Kindred staff where I could and hope that they all had a good time too.   Michael, a volunteer from Baillie Gifford & Co.


The day couldn’t have happened without the energetic efforts of ten volunteers from Baillie Gifford & Co, pictured below, who generously gave us their time to help make the day extra special for families.

It was a very humbling experience as a volunteer to witness the love, care and attention by Kindred staff and Carers alike. A beautiful sunny day in a lovely location that undoubtedly was beneficial to all who attended.   Lynn, a volunteer from Baillie Gifford & Co.

Laura Gallagher from the Community Engagement Team at the Botanic Cottage went out of her way to ensure Kindred families felt welcome, as always.

Other thanks to professional photographer Malcolm Cochrane who captured such beautiful images of the event, and to volunteer Jenny Harris for her help on what turned out to be a very special day.