Kindred receives donation from Walter Scott & Partners Ltd Giving Group

Kindred are delighted to announce receipt of a £15,000 donation from the Walter Scott & Partners Ltd Giving Group.

£12,000 was given to enable families of children with complex needs to access vital emotional support through Kindred’s counselling service.  A further £3,000 was given to support Kindred to run an E-PAtS or Early Positive Approaches to Support parental training programme.

Dennis Wyles, Client Investment Manager and Kay Li-Ayto, Head of Finance from Walter Scott & Partners Ltd, recently met with two advocacy workers of the Kindred Hospital Team, Rana Sallam and Jo Kirkham, and Kindred’s fundraiser Hazel Cornish, at the new Royal Hospital for Children and Young People (RHCYP), Edinburgh.

The visit was well timed with a celebratory atmosphere in the hospital marking its first year anniversary since services were moved from the “old Sick Kids” by the Meadows to its new home in Little France, including of course Kindred’s.

Above: Dennis Wyles and Kay Li-Ayto talking with the Kindred Hospital Team at RHCYP.

Walter Scott & Partners Ltd is a family friendly company and support a wide variety of charities in our local community. We  are really grateful to Kay for passing on information about Kindred to the Giving Group” Dennis Wyles, Walter Scott & Partners Ltd Giving Group.

As well as meeting with Kindred staff, Dennis and Kay met with Ruth Innes, a nurse from the Children’s Palliative Care Team, and Kara, a student Palliative Care nurse.

Above: Palliative Care Nurse Ruth and student nurse Kara speak about the Kindred service to Dennis and Kay.

We often literally walk parents down from the ward to the Kindred office because we know that once there, they will get the support they need.    And when we ask Kindred to do something, they get it done” Ruth Innes, Children’s Palliative Care Team Nurse

Ruth also told Dennis and Kay “in Palliative Care we always mention Kindred in our initial conversation with parents because they offer the practical and emotional support that our team are not always able to do. 

We see how important it is for families to have a safe space to speak with people that are independent of the NHS.  We feel safe leaving families with Kindred.  And we know families feel safe and secure with them too.”

Dennis commented “Walter Scott & Partners Ltd like to reach out to charities where we feel we can make a real difference. It sounds a really positive relationship that Kindred have with Palliative Care and that by working together there is an easier connection with families which sounds very beneficial.

We like to build relationships with the charities that we support and feel that we can form a deeper connection with them”. 

Hazel, Kindred’s fundraiser said “We’re delighted to have our work recognised by Walter Scott & Partners Ltd with such a generous donation.  Today’s visit has been a great opportunity to show their Giving Group just some of the work we do, and the positive difference their funding will make to the lives of families of children with complex needs.”