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Edinburgh Marathon Festival with Lizzy and Trystan

A marathon effort for Kindred

This year Lizzy and Trystan ran the Edinburgh Marathon Festival (EMF) in loving memory of their nephew, Jack. They had chosen to raise money for Kindred "who provided Lizzy's sister and her family invaluable support throughout Jack's life".  They raised money to help other families in similar situations benefit from Kindred's support.

A couple wearing Kindred running shirts about to undertake a marathon

We done it! Trystan and I completed the Edinburgh Marathon this weekend in 4:34:46! The last few miles were definitely a struggle, but Jack and your donations helped to push us through to the finish line. We would like to say a massive, massive thank you to everyone who donated! This is a cause very close to our hearts and your money will go a long way in helping the lives of others who are going through incredibly difficult times and need that extra support to guide them through, so thank you 🤍💙🤍”

If Lizzy and Trystan's story has inspired you to do something in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival (EMF) for Kindred families in the EMF 24  please let us know.

Join Team Kindred for EMF 24

Kindred has a number of free charity places on a first come, first served basis, and free Kindred running shirts.  Contact hazel.cornish@kindred-scotland.org if you would like a place,

Reasons to take part

In 2022/2023, Kindred supported over 830 families across Scotland with practical, financial, and emotional support. The money you raise will help give will provide support to the parents and carers of children with complex needs and disabilities to get the support they deserve.