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Baby Leo’s story

Leo is a little baby boy who is 6 months old and has been in Critical Care and High Dependency since birth. Due to a traumatic birth, Leo suffered a severe spinal cord injury. He requires a high level of care and support for his condition and medical needs, Leo has tracheostomy [airway in his neck] and is fully dependant on support from a ventilator. He is in hospital for a long admission as parents need to be trained up on needs and how to manage the ventilator at home. Both parents are currently being trained up in Leo’s healthcare needs so that they can get home.

Kindred worker Joanne supported both parents early on in their hospital journey after being referred by the Neonatal Psychologist (and is still currently working with the family). Being in hospital long term can cause emotional burden to parents and immense stress as they try to juggle daily life such as Dad’s work and daily visits back and forth to the hospital.

Kindred sought out funding to put towards Driving lessons for Dad as mum picking up dad from work daily to get him to hospital for their medical training, was adding to their stress.

As Leos needs are complex, Kindred helped the family with information and support to access disability benefits for Leo, and applied for a blue badge for him as he will require bulky equipment always including oxygen. Leo’s pram was not suitable to carry his medical equipment so was given a second hand one to use in the meantime. Kindred were able to get funding for new carry base and rain cover for the item as the original was not suitable.

We also supported the family to apply for Family Fund Motability scheme and various funding grants to help support their long stay in hospital.

They family have a long road ahead of them, but these small steps Kindred have taken to access charitable funding, benefits, blue badge, and support with housing, this has hopefully taken some of the added stress away from the family and helped empower them to their hospital journey with Leo.

“I cannot thank kindred enough for the support they have gave myself and my partner throughout our difficult time here while our son is in paediatric critical care. They go above and beyond to help in any way that they can and have helped take that financial worry away, they make sure we are in no way struggling! Joanne checks in on us from time to time which we appreciate so much, and you can tell how much they care! Thanks Joanne! Truly an amazing company within the hospital and I encourage parents/carers/guardians to take full advantage.” 

– Casey mum to Leo