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Emily’s story

Emily was born extremely prematurely at 26 weeks gestation. And as a result, had many complex needs in association with prematurity, with developmental delay and requiring surgery. Emily’s mum Kirsty was Initially referred to us via the Paediatric Intensive Care consultant, then later by the discharge nurse after a sudden re-admission.

Initially referred for financial support,  Kirsty had very recently started a new job but as Emily was so premature Kirsty did not meet the eligibility criteria for paid maternity leave, Kindred contacted CPAG (Child poverty Action Group) to ask if she would be entitled to any statutory maternity pay. Unfortunately, she did not meet the criteria for statutory maternity allowance either.

Kirsty unfortunately fell through a crack in the system which meant her only option was to claim Universal Credit, due to the universal credit system Kirsty was left with no income for about a month. She and her partner had another two children at home, so finances were extremely tight especially as juggling hospital and home life eats into the daily household budget.

How did Kindred help

Kindred accessed a few different charity grants to support the family while they were in hospital

Emily was discharged months after being in hospital since birth, but after a couple of weeks needed readmitted due to feeding problems and needed surgery. This meant Emily’s parents needed 6 weeks training to learn to care for Emily at home.

“Kindred helped and supported us as a family throughout a long and difficult time whilst Emily was in hospital, we are very thankful!” 

The Discharge nurse got in touch with Kindred, after the GI Consultant had recommended the family needed a new home as Emily now required her own bedroom due to medical needs. The medical team supported letters to the council and Kirsty was awarded Gold Priority status for a new home. After a while, a brand-new home became available, however as it was a new build, there were no carpets within the property.

Emily was not allowed to leave hospital until her home was deemed fit for her, this included suitable floor coverings. Kindred liaised with various professionals and the family to organise grants to pay for suitable floor coverings and to get them fitted contributing to allowing Emily to be discharged home.

“Whenever I refer to Kindred for this support there is an immediate positive impact as you know the burden of accessing practical as well as emotional and advocacy support is lifted,  Discharge planning nurse, Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Children and Young People”