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Juliette’s story

Kindred help families find the right support 

Juliette and her husband Mike are parents to a child with additional needs, Esmée and have relied on Kindred for support in lots of ways since being referred. Juliette tells us that to begin with she and Mike simply didn’t know where to turn to for support.

“In the beginning, we knew nothing about the rights of our child with additional needs, Kindred guided us in lots of ways, finding funding for equipment, e.g. a Go-chair so we could go on a picnic and especially with emotional support. That is so important. My husband thinks that Kindred have been our best support as no-one else could help in the way they have. During the pandemic, it has been like having a friend. We don’t know what we would have done without Kindred. The contact I have with them is so important, I know I can just pick up the phone and they will be there.”

Why Juliette thinks others should support Kindred

“I think people should support parents of additional needs kids and nowhere seems to offer the same service we have had from Kindred. We don’t think there is another service that could replace it. It has been great for us too as we have been able to meet other parents with kids with additional needs and get support from them.”